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Live Collection (20)

Franclietta Ruched Short Sleeve Shirt

MYR 134.10 MYR 149.00

Kardizza Satin Long Sleeve Cowl Blouse

MYR 189.00

Eleazza High Waisted Tapered Pants

MYR 169.00

Meurlicca Short Sleeve Cardigan with Camisole...

MYR 139.00

Zoeviella Knee Length Pencil Skirt

MYR 134.10 MYR 149.00

Welirosse Assymetrical Buttoned Ruched Long Sleeve...

MYR 159.00

Nariette Belted Mermaid Midi Skirt

MYR 185.00

Calrisso Pleated Tapered Pants

MYR 179.00

Peoricca Belted A Line Midi Skirt

MYR 199.00