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26-INCHI symbolizes 26 inches of waistline. We strongly believe that the waistline of 26 inches is a healthy size for women.

The word “inchi” is inspired by the Korean word 인치, it can be pronounced as “in chi”. 26-INCHI’s brand concept is to make every woman looks slim and beautiful with our Korean style fashion apparel.

26 is a magical number, it reminds every woman about her age of 26. At 26, she is transforming from a girl to a young woman. At the same time, she will be facing many important decisions in life, such as career and relationship.

In 26-INCHI, we provide valuable fashion advice and cater to all sizes. A woman is most beautiful when she possesses self confidence and happy at heart.

“Remember, you can be beautiful when you love yourself more, and you can certainly express yourself through fashion!”