Weekday Playlist – 26 INCHI
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Weekday Playlist (10)

Lapel Collar Belt Fitted Blazer Dress

MYR209.00 MYR

Business Suit Sets Belted Blazer With Shorts

MYR329.00 MYR

V-Neck Straight Blazer Dress

MYR149.00 MYR

Rolled Up Short Puff Sleeve Dress

MYR289.00 MYR

Large Lapel Neck Belted Dress

MYR229.00 MYR

Mid Length Detail Flap Lapel Vest

MYR239.00 MYR

Collar Double Breasted Knee Lenght Suit Dress

MYR299.00 MYR

Structured Collar with button belt suit blazer

MYR259.00 MYR

Double Breasted with Grid Print Blazer & Skirt Set

MYR329.00 MYR

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